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Russian Webinar : The Bridge to the New Earth

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You are invited to join us for the Russian language webinars of the key material from the recent English webinars.  The material will be given by Celia Fenn and translated by Irina Sataeva via Zoom online webinars.  This is an online webinar platform that is free and easy to use.

The Bridge : Webinar Series January/February 2019


Wow!  2019 is beginning is such a powerful way!

11/11/11 The Colors of Love

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11/11/11 The Colors of Love

11/11/11 Webinar Series : Embodying the Angelic Frequencies that are supporting the manifestation of the New Earth


Welcome to our online Webinar Series that will support you as you approach the magnificent 11/11/11 Portal or Gateway, and assist you with the transit and the integration of these new and beautiful Angelic Frequencies.

The Lion's Gate 2018 Webinar Series with Celia Fenn

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The Aquarius Gate : Star Gate to a Magical Reality and the Path of the Lion Heart

Aquarius full moon

Archangel Michael with the Star Lioness Leia......

The Triple Gateway Initiation, the Time Capsule Awakening and Stepping into your New Soul Mission

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Beloved Light Family, the shifts and transformations on your Earth continue to accelerate. There is much confusion and uncertainty as the old systems begin to fail and break down and the new begins to emerge into manifestation. At this stage, the collapse of the old may seem more evident than the rise of the new, but be assured that the New Earth is gaining in power as its comes into manifestation.

The Shift of 2017 and the Grounding of the Higher Consciousness Unified Field

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The Planetary New Year and Lion's Gate July/August 2017 

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